Misisipi Valley State University (USA)

Mississippi Valley State University and the Mississippi Consortium for International Development (MCID) in collaboration with Western University have developed a partnership project with the purpose to build capacity at WU in Environmental Management and Sustainable Development.

The main goal of the project was to develop curriculum for a Master’s program in Environmental Management & Sustainable Human Development. In addition the project envisages developing a vision of faculties of both Universities for new approaches to environmental management with main focus on providing sustainable human development.

As a result of the project Western University successfully established a new graduate program and enrolled first group of students on relevant studies.

In line with the agreed program of collaborative activity within the timeframe of the project, four students from Western University will have undergone a short-term intensive training in the Environmental Management program, which is currently running at Mississippi State Valley University.

The alliance will facilitate the capacity building process at Western University through education and intense training thereby ensuring the future of sustainable human development process and scientifically sound environmental management in Azerbaijan.