University of Kansas (USA)


From September through December, 2004 the Western University’s students along with the students of 3 foreign universities participated in GLOBAL EXPERIENCE THROUGH TECHNOLOGY PILOT PROJECT dealing with Comparative politics. The concept of the project revolved around using video technology during teaching the course to allow students from different nations to obtain a wider perspective on certain issues as well as create an open, personal exchange among the students of each country. This was a pilot program in Azerbaijan and was being partially sponsored by the U.S. State Department.

Project Goals

Establish global learning partnerships

Integrate new technologies into the classroom

Enhance students’ understanding of other cultures

Provide opportunities for students in Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan and Mongolia to interact with peers in the United States

Course overview

Course of Comparative Politics addresses political institutions, culture and behaviour in a global context

Team taught and discussion based

Video/audio real-time interactions with two cultures

Technology issues

The project involves the use of Digital Video Camera which will digitally record each class and simultaneously broadcast through the Internet to the respective partner school.


Global experience that will expand horizons of students and faculty

Distance learning

Expanded option for future collaboration

Student commitment

Active and ongoing participation

Student interact with one another via email, chat and video

Students assigned partners:

Email with partners before class

Collaborate with partners on written projects

Chat with partners during class

Collaborate with partners on written projects